Monday, July 30, 2012

How to Watermark Your Facebook Photos

With over 100 billion photos hosted, Facebook has become the #1 photo sharing site in the world.  But, as with photos hosted anywhere online, those photos can be subject to theft - even from your "friends".

You can certainly hope that your Facebook friends will respect your rights as a photographer, but many will happily share your photographs thinking they're doing you a favor by spreading it around.  You can quickly lose control of your photographs if you don't apply a watermark to them before uploading to Facebook.  Luckily, Water Marquee Pro makes adding a watermark and uploading it to Facebook a snap.

Integrating Water Marquee Pro with Facebook

To start, make sure you've integrated Water Marquee with your Facebook Account.  You can do this by going to your Account page and looking at the Integration Options.  If the Facebook icon isn't grayed out, it means you're already connected.

Click on the Facebook icon to integrate it with Water Marquee Pro.

If it is grayed out and says "Not Connected", you can connect it to Facebook quickly.  First, click on the Facebook Icon.  A new window will pop up.  Enter your Facebook email address and password to log into Facebook and grant Water Marquee access to your photos. You Facebook email and password are sent directly to Facebook and are never stored, or even sent to, Water Marquee.

Enter your Facebook email and password to let Water Marquee access your photos.

After you've entered your credentials and granted access, the Facebook Icon will no longer be grayed out.

Your Facebook icon will not be grayed out if you've connected successfully.

Now you can start watermarking images from, and saving watermarked images to, Facebook.

Uploading Photos from Facebook

When you go to the Watermark Images page, you can now select Facebook on the "Select Images to Watermark" dialog.

You can watermark images from Facebook or your computer, and then
save to Facebook when you're done.

If you select Facebook, you'll be presented with a list of your existing Facebook Photo Albums Facebook. When you click on an Album, you'll be shown the photos from that Album. Select the images you want to watermark, and they'll be loaded into the editor window.

Select the Facebook Photo Album, and then the photos that you want to watermark.

Watermarking your images from Facebook works just like watermarking your images from your computer.  Select the image watermark you'd like to use, or enter some text to use as your watermark.  Position the watermark as you'd like it, and when you're ready, click on the Save Images button.

Saving Watermarked Images to Facebook

You can save your watermarked images to Facebook even if you didn't download them from a Facebook Album.  To save your watermarked images to Facebook, click on the Facebook icon, and then select the Photo Album you'd like to save your images into. 

Your photos can be uploaded to any existing Facebook Photo Album you have.

Your photos will be uploaded to Facebook, where you'll need to go to review them and Publish the photos to your timeline before they'll be generally viewable.