Thursday, March 15, 2012

Great Examples of Pinhole Camera Photos

A pinhole camera is a simple box with a small hole in it.  When exposed to light, the image passes through the hole and shows up inverted on the other side of the box.  It's as simple a camera as you can get, and the effect has been known for thousands of years.

It's difficult to take a good photo with a pinhole camera, because you have to balance the size of the hole with the distance to the object and the sharpness of the resulting image. Still, ever since I wrote about the Afghan Camera project, I've been fascinated by the incredible images that can be achieved.

Here are some great examples of photos taken with pinhole cameras.

Pinhole Blossom (schoeband)

Clam Pinhole Camera (lostinpixels)

Van Antwerp Building (avhell)

Into the Forest II (Photoshotz)

Highland Park (M J M)

Astroland (Rooztography)

For Grandma, RIP (*Deepjoy)